The Paradox of the Future in Contemporary Energy Policy: A Human Rights Analysis (D. M. Smolin)

Author David. M. Smolin Keywords human rights, energy policy, environmental damage, ecological damage, energy demand, energy technologies Excerpt As the world heads toward a projected 9 billion people by 2050, 2 there are fundamental questions about how to provide an adequate and sustainable standard of living for the world’s population. As a matter of human […]

Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century (B. Richter)

Author Burton Richter ( Stanford University , USA ) Keywords Climate, Greenhouse Earth, Climate modeling, Future, Energy, Physicists, Economists; Energy, Emissions, Action, Fossil fuels, Electricity, Pricing carbon, Efficiency, Nuclear energy, Renewables, Biofuels, US policy, World policy Abstract Global climate change is one of the most important issues humanity faces today. This book assesses the sensible, […]

Climate Change and Energy Insecurity: The Challenge for Peace, Security … (F. Dodds, et al)

Editor(s) Felix Dodds, Andrew Higham and Richard Sherman Keywords Energy Insecurity, Future Energy, Stability, Climate Change, Developing Country, Energy Consumption, Industrialised World, Oil, Europe, Nuclear Option, Bioenergy, Localised Energy Conflicts, Climate Insecurity, Challenge to Peace, Security and Development, Science, Acceptable Risk, Environment, Migration, Security, Economics, Water, Food Security, Biodiversity, New Threats, Middle East, Small Islands, […]

Wind energy in Portugal: full speed ahead – economics of environmental law (P. Coias)

Author Pedro Coias Keywords Climate change; EU law; Economic development; Energy policy; Environmental impact; Feed-in tariffs; Investments; Portugal; Subsidies; Tax advantages; Wind power Abstract Discusses the expansion of wind energy in Portugal and the economic consequences. Presents overviews on the energy and wind sectors. Explains how the Government has sought to attract renewable energy development […]