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Fairness in International Climate Change Law and Policy (F. Soltau)


Friedrich Soltau


Fairness, science of climate change, energy challenge, development, international climate change regime, theoretical aspects, equity and fairness; proposals for future climate policy


This work analyses fairness and equity dimensions of the climate regime. A central issue in international law and policy is how countries of the world should allocate the burden of addressing global climate change. With the link between human activities and climate change clearly established, and the first impacts of climate change being felt, there is a renewed sense of urgency in addressing the problem. Based on an overview of science and the development of the climate regime to date, this book seeks to identify the elements of a working consensus on fairness principles that could be used to solve the hitherto intractable problem of assigning responsibility for combating climate change. The book demonstrates how an analysis of fairness dimensions of climate change – grounded in practical developments and illustrated with reference to the latest developments – can add value to our understanding of current developments and future options for international climate law and policy.

• Brings together theoretical insights and a thorough discussion of the practice and development of international climate change law and policy • Provides a fresh perspective that differs from the standard analysis of the legal and policy communities


Friedrich Soltau, Fairness in International Climate Change Law and Policy ( CUP , US /UK 2009)


Fairness in International Climate Change Law and Policy