Diffusing the Problem: How Adopting a Policy to Safely Store America’s Nuclear Waste (B. Mitchell

Author Bentley Mitchell Keywords Climate change, global warming, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, US, international, nuclear energy Abstract Over the past several years, the problem of climate change (also known as global warming) has received significant attention from the public, media, and policymakers. In connection with this increased attention, numerous proposals have been introduced to reduce […]

Using the Multi-Layered Nature of International Emissions Trading… (B.M. Frischmann)

Author Brett M. Frischmann ( Cardozo School of Law, USA ) Keywords Monitoring and enforcement regime, emissions trading, domestic emissions limitations, regulation, UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, buyer-liability, citizen-State arbitration mechanism Abstract This article designs an enforcement regime that maintains the integrity of the international emissions trading system in the face of significant political and economic incentives […]

Climate Change Justice (E. Posner and C. Sunstein)

Authors Eric A. Posner and Cass R. Sunstein Keywords Climate change; GHG reductions; adaptation; vulnerability. Abstract Greenhouse gas reductions would cost some nations much more than others, and benefit some nations far less than others. Significant reductions would impose especially large costs on the United States, and recent projections suggest that the United States has […]

Climate Change Justice: The Challenge for Global Governance (B. Ackerly and M.P. Vandenbergh)

Author(s) Brooke A. Ackerly (Vanderbilt University) Michael P. Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt University) Keywords Climate change, justice, equity, global private governance, global public governance, international law Abstract Private equity offsets are a partial solution to the difficult justice issues raised on the global level by climate change. Equity offsets allow individuals to follow their moral intuitions about […]

The Natural Fix?: The Role of Ecosystems in Climate Mitigation (UNEP)

Author UNEP Keywords Emissions; Greenhouse gases; Global climate change; Ecosystems; Natural systems; Carbon capture and storage; Millennium Development Goals Abstract Large cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases are needed if we are to avoid the worst effects of global climate change. This Rapid Assessment Report describes the vital contributions which ecosystems can and must make […]