The Great Melt: The Coming Transformation of the Arctic (A. Anderson)

Author Alun Anderson Keywords Climate change, effects, polar ice cap melt, politics, Artic wasteland, petroleum, Artic sea lanes, border disputes, rights to resources, seabed, changing ecosystem Abstract In a sobering look at the effects of climate change, New Scientist magazine’s former editor-in-chief Alun Andersontakes a peek at what the now-unstoppable massive polar ice cap melt […]

Renewable Energy Sources: a Chance to Combat Climate Change (C. Fräss-Ehrfeld)

Author Clarisse Fräss-Ehrfeld Keywords Deloitte Services, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, International Conventions Concerning the Climate Change Issue, Effects, Impacts, International Community, Adaptation, Mitigation, European Energy Policy, EU, EU Energy Security and Solidarity Action Plan, Communication of the Commission in View of Copenhagen 2009, Existing Energy Sources, Costs, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Targets, Progress to Date, […]