Research Handbook on Human Rights and the Environment (A. Grear and L.J. Kotzé eds)

Editor Anna Grear and Louis J. Kotzé Keywords Human rights, environment, epistemology, Ecological Subjectivities, natural law, United Nations, Australasia, New Zealand, environmental justice, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Aarhus, climate displacement, North-South, ecosystem services Abstract Bringing together leading international scholars in the field, this authoritative Handbook combines critical and doctrinal scholarship to illuminate some of the challenging tensions […]

‘A price for everything?’: The ‘natural capital controversy’ (R.Read, M.Scott Cato)

Authors Rupert Read and Molly Scott Cato Keywords sustainability, natural capital, capital controversy, ecosystem services Abstract ‘Sustainability’ is a contested concept. This contestability – and its basis in deep, oppositional convictions – means that the argument between those who would substitute financial for natural capital and those who believe that such substitution is impossible and/or […]

Whose ecosystem is it anyway? Private and public rights under new approaches to biodiversity conservation (C.T.Reid, W.Nsoh)

Authors Colin T. Reid and Walters Nsoh Keywords biodiversity, human rights, property rights, nature conservation, biodiversity offsetting, ecosystem services Abstract A range of legal tools is increasingly being used for the conservation of biodiversity. These tools include conservation covenants, biodiversity offsets and payment for ecosystem services. There are benefits to these approaches, but also challenges […]

Ecosystem services and capitalism: a valuation or de-valuation of ‘nature’? K Morrow

Author Karen Morrow Keywords Ecosystem services, payment for ecosystem services, capitalism, valuation, de-valuation Abstract As with many of Oscar Wilde’s amusing but apparently flippant statements, the quotation above, on closer consideration, raises something much more profound, and here seems to get to the heart of the concerns raised by the thematic topic of this edition […]

Common Ground: The Sharing of Land and Landscapes for Sustainability (M. Everard)

Author Mark Everard Keywords Human society; landscapes; ecosystem services; human wellbeing Abstract Common Ground explores the shifting relationship between human society and the landscapes that bear it. Examining the changing understandings of the natural world and its management and exploitation, environmental activist Mark Everard presents solutions in the nature of ecosystem services. Notwithstanding our total […]