Climate Change and Human Rights Law (J.H. Knox)

Author John H. Knox Keywords Human Rights Law, Environmental Protection, Civil and Political Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Regulate State and Private Conduct, Jurisprudence, Climate Change Abstract This Essay divides the overarching issue—what duties, if any, human rights law imposes with respect to climate change—into three questions. First, what duties has human rights law […]

Wild law: . . . Evidence of Principles of Earth Jurisprudence in Existing Law and Legal Practice?’ (I. Mason and B. Filgueira)

Author(s) Ian Mason and Begonia Filgueira Keywords Wild law,human rights, clean environment, Earth Jurisprudence and governance, economy versus the environment, compatibility with economic prosperity Abstract This Research Paper reports on research undertaken under the auspices of UKELA and the Gaia Foundation to look at existing environmental laws from various countries and assess them in terms […]

Justiciability of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights: Should There Be an International Complaints Mechanism to Adjudicate the Rights to Food, Water, Housing, and Health? (Michael J. Dennis and David P. Stewart)

Author(s) Michael J. Dennis and David P. Stewart Keywords Economic, social, culture, rights, human rights, food, water, housing, health Abstract This article aims to contribute to the task from several perspectives. First, we review the proposal and the views that have been presented by the Independent Expert and in the Working Group. We next examine […]

Review of Environmental, Economic and Policy Aspects of Biofuels (D. Rajagopal and D. Zilberman)

Author(s) Deepak Rajagopal and David Zilberman Keywords Energy Production and Transportation, Environmental Economics & Policies, Renewable Energy, Transport Economics Policy & Planning, Energy and Environment Abstract The world is witnessing a sudden growth in production of biofuels, especially those suited for replacing oil like ethanol and biodiesel. This paper synthesizes what the environmental, economic, and […]

Do human rights help or hinder environmental protection? (C. Gearty)

Author Conor Gearty (LSE, UK) Keywords human rights, environmental protection, social movements, civil and political rights, economic and social rights Abstract It is acknowledged that traditional approaches to human rights can have and have had a negative impact in the field of environmental protection. But the emphasis in human rights on controlling the abuse of […]