International Legal Avenues to Address the Plight of Victims of Climate Change: Problems and Prospects (T. Koiturova)

Author(s) Timo Koivurova Keywords climate change, international environmental law, vulnerability, ecology, climate regime Abstract This Article argues that the current structure of international law makes it unlikely that victims of climate change will find justice through international legal proceedings. Part I examines the various international legal proceedings that could provide recourse for victims of climate […]

International Human Rights Law, the Environment and Indigenous Peoples (E. A. Daes)

Author(s) Erica-Irene Daes Keywords international human rights law, environment, indigenous peoples, ecology, environmental protection, international co-operation Abstract In the contemporary world human beings are in a position to influence the world ecological system as a whole in such a way as to endanger the longterm survival of all plant and animal species and even humankind […]

Climate-Induced Community Relocations: Creating an Adaptive Governance Framework Based in Human Rights Doctrine (R. Bronen)

Author(s) Robin Bronen Keywords climigration, migration, climate change, displacement, climate refugees, southern hemisphere, global warming, ecology, humanitarian crisis, indigenous communities, Arctic, disaster relief Abstract The specter of millions of people fleeing their homes because of climate change has sparked an international debate about creating human rights protections for climate refugees. Though scholars and journalists have […]

Water Privatization Trends in the United States: Human Rights, National Security, and Public Stewardship (C.A. Arnold)

Author Craig Anthony Arnold Keywords Water, privatization, property, commodification, watersheds, human rights, national security, public rights, stewardship, fiduciary, public utilities, sustainability, environment, ecology, equity, public trust, state ownership, usufructuary, conservation Abstract This article examines 3 aspects of water privatization in the United States: 1) the privatization of public water services and systems; 2) the dominance […]

Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development (W. Sachs)

Author Wolfgang Sachs, Keywords Archaeology of the Development Idea, Global Ecology, Shadow of Development, Gospel of Global Efficiency, Environment and Development, Sustainable Development, Blue Planet, Globalisation, Sustainability, Ecology, Justice, Eco-Efficiency, Politics Abstract Wolfgang Sachs is one of the most thoughtful intellectuals to deal with the dual crisis in the Western world‘s relations with nature and […]