Competing Narratives and Complex Genealogies: The Ecosystem Approach in International Environmental Law

Author Vito De Lucia Keywords Ecosystem Approach, international environmental law, anthropocentrism, ecocentrism Abstract The ecosystem approach, broadly understood as a legal and governance ‘strategy for the integrated management of land, water and living resources’ is being increasingly adopted within a wide variety of international environmental legal regimes. From freshwater to oceans, from biodiversity to fisheries, […]

Towards an ecological philosophy of law: a comparative discussion (V. De Lucia)

Author Vito De Lucia Keywords Earth Jurisprudence, legal philosophy, Natural Law, rights of nature, subjective rights, ecocentrism, property, ecology Abstract Environmental law finds itself in a very delicate position. Its role is to elaborate rules and principles for addressing multiple ecological crises, yet environmental law is structurally and conceptually rooted in a broader legal tradition […]

Natural law and ecocentrism (B. Donnelly and P. Bishop)

Author(s) Bebhinn Donnelly and Patrick Bishop Keywords Jurisprudence; Environmental protection; Natural law Abstract Considers the scope for both new and traditional natural law to offer theoretical support for ecocentric approaches to environmental protection rather than solely anthropocentric approaches. Outlines the distinction between the two branches of natural law Citation (2007) 19(1) Journal of Environmental Law […]

Ecofeminism as Politics: Nature, Marx and the Post Modern (A. Salleh)

Author Ariel Salleh Keywords Women, Ecopolitics, Ecology, History, Ecofeminist Actions, Embodied Materialism, Body Logic, 1/0 Culture, Man/Woman=Nature, Postcolonial Sense, Feminism, Terra Nullius, Barefoot Epistemology, Energy/Labour Flows Abstract This book explores the philosophical and political challenge of ecofeminism. It shows how the ecology movement has been held back by conceptual confusion over the implications of gender […]