Public interest litigation concerning environmental matters before human rights courts (C. Schall)

Author Christian Schall Keywords Environment; European Court of HumanRights; humanrights; locus standi (standing); access to justice; Aarhus Convention; public interest. Abstract This article endeavours to explain the current state of environmental public interest litigation before the three regional humanrights bodies of Europe, America and Africa in the light of their constituting treaties and case law. […]

Litigating environmental disputes in the inter-American human rights system…(C. Courtis)

Author Christian Courtis. Keywords Human rights; environment; ECHR; access to information; Americas; discrimination; due process; environmental protection; equal treatment; right to fair trial; social justice. Abstract Suggests how cases concerning environmental protection can be litigated within the Inter-American Human Rights System by applying the adjective or instrumental rights and principles of the American Convention on […]

Public Law Project: the impact of human rights on judicial review (V. Bondy)

Author Varda Bondy Keywords Judicial review; access to justice; environmental justice; human rights; HRA; ECHR; immgration and asylum. Abstract The project was designed to evaluate the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on the processing, decision-making and jurisprudence of judicial review, and in particular to assess the extent to which HRA grounds provide new […]

How green is judicial review? (M. Beloff)

Author Michael J Beloff QC Keywords Access to justice, environmental justice, judicial review, standing (locus standi), specialist environmental court/tribunal, HRA 1998, ECHR Abstract This article was initially a lecture at the David Hall Memorial Lecture (ELF, 24th June 2004) that highlights the ubiquitous problem of judicial review as an adequate tool for environmental protection. It […]