Contaminated land: the latest developments (J. Thornton)

Author Justine Thornton Keywords Appropriate persons, clean-up costs, conditional contracts, consultants, contaminated land, contractual liability, damages, development, ECHR, environmental liability, environmental remediation;, failure to act, indemnities, local authorities’ powers and duties, misrepresentation, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, public nuisance, right to respect for home Abstract Reviews key cases on contaminated land over the last […]

The Human Right to a Viable Environment (S.T. Ramnewash-Oemrawsingh)

Author Sangini T. Ramnewash-Oemrawsingh Keywords ECHR, environmental issues, Strasbourg system for protection of human rights, case law, human rights systems, UN, international law Abstract Human rights tribunals are regularly confronted with complaints regarding human rights violations caused by environmental degradation. This book deals with the effectiveness of incorporating environmental dimensions into existing human rights and […]

SSSI compatibility with Article 1 of the First Protocol to ECHR (J. Lowther)

Author Jason Lowther (case commentary – R (on the Application of Trailer and Marina (Levin) Ltd v Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and another [2004] EWCA Civ 1580). Keywords Habitats protection; Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981; Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000; ECHR; First Protocol, Article 1. Abstract Examines the […]

The chartering of environmental protection: exploring the boundaries of environmental protection as a human right (K Hectors)

Author Kristof Hectors Keywords EC law; environmental protection; human rights; ECHR; sustainable development; jurisprudence. Abstract Discusses the legal significance of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights 2000 art.37, providing for environmental protection. Considers the extent to which art.37 contains a right to environmental protection, focusing on its three main components of sustainable development, the integration […]

Greater Flexibility Planned on GMOs (Anon)

Keywords Crops; EU law; Genetically modified organisms; Member States; Agriculture, European Union Abstract Explores the proposals made by the European Health Commissioner to increase the freedom of Member States to decide on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), focusing on the approvals mechanism for GM maize crops, the powers under Directive 2001/18 to impose […]