Human rights: EC law – legality of fox-hunting ban (N. McKay & S. Foster)

Author(s) Nikki McKay and Steve Foster Keywords Human rights, Animals, European Union, EC law, Free movement of goods, Freedom of association, Freedom to provide services, Hunting, Necessary in democratic society, Peaceful enjoyment of possessions, Right to respect for private and family life Abstract Examines the House of Lords decision in R. (on the application of Countryside Alliance) […]

GM food labelling rules undermined by lack of reliable tests (Report)

Keywords Consumer law, EC law, Food, Genetically modified organisms, Labelling Abstract Problems with enforcement of 1999 Regulations bringing EC Regulation into force due to lack of standard threshold for traces of GM contamination of non GM foods and lack of standard test for detecting GM material. Citation (1999) 290 ENDS Report 49-50 Report GM food labelling rules undermined […]

Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection (Alan E Boyle and Michael R Anderson)

Author(s) Alan E Boyle and Michael R Anderson Keywords Essays, human rights and environment, debate, legal status of environmental rights, international human rights law, EC law, developing countries, jurisprudence Abstract This collection of essays explores links between the environment and human rights, and responds to the growing debate among activists, lawyers, academics and policy-makers on […]

Lex pernis apivorus: an experiment of environmental law methodology (J. Ebbeson)

Author Jonas Ebbesson Keywords Environment, Animals, Birds, Conservation, EC law, Habitats, International environmental law Abstract Analyses the effectiveness of nature conservation law by tracking the migration of the honey buzzard from its breeding ground in Sweden, across continental Europe through to its winter in Africa. Identifies national, regional and international environmental legislation applicable to its […]

A right to a healthful environment – humans and habitats: re-thinking rights…(K. E. MacDonald)

Author Karen E. MacDonald Keywords Climate change; EC law; environmental protection; habitats; human rights. Abstract Discusses the concept of the right to a healthful environment and its integration within a climate change context. Considers the notion that the right to a healthful environment is essential to human life, who might have such a right, whether […]