Wild Law: The philosophy of Earth Jurispudence (P.D. Burdon)

Author Peter D. Burdon Keywords Wild Law, Earth Jurisprudence, Rights of Nature, Jurisprudence, Legal Philosophy Abstract Wild law or Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging theory of law and governance that seeks to evolve law in a fashion that recognises our relationship to the broader Earth community. In this article, the author introduces and articulates some […]

Wild Law – the theory (L. M. Warren).

Author Lynda M Warren. Keywords Wild law; governance; jurisprudence; property rights; the ‘Great Jurisprudence’; ‘Earth Jurisprudence’; legal philosophy; anthropocentrism. Abstract The paper is part of the UKELA Conference ‘Wild Law’ that was based on Cullinan’s book ‘Wild Law: a manifesto for Earth justice’. It is a critique of Cullinan’s ambitious legal philosopy regarding changing the […]

A walk on the wild side: wild law in practice (R. Lee).

Author Professor Robert Lee Keywords Human rights and the environment; Wild law; regulation; ‘Earth Governance’; ‘Earth Jurisprudence’; property rights; anthropocentrism. Abstract This piece was part of the UKELA Conference ‘Wild Law’ and is an analysis and critique of Cullinan’s book which the Conference was based upon. Citation (2006) 18(1) Environmental Law and Management, 6-10. Paper […]

Finding our way to a viable future: a response to Warren and Lee (C. Cullinan).

Author Cormac Cullinan Keywords Wild law; governance; anthropocentrism; sustainable development; property rights and laws; jurisprudence; ‘Earth Jurisprudence’ and ‘Earth Governance’; legal philosophy. Abstract This article is a response to the negative contentions from Professors Warren and Lee that were delivered at the UKELA conference (18th November 2005) that was based on his book ‘Wild law: […]