Road to 2015: The European Union and the Realisation of the Human Right to Water (V. Deloge)

Author Vivien Deloge Keywords Human right, drinking water, sanitation, UN, EU, rights-based approach, EU institutional endorsement Abstract Following the recognition of the human right to drinking water and sanitation by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and Human Rights Council in 2010, one can wonder to what extent the normative content of the right to […]

China Water Falls (S. Vernay & N. Ganesan)

Author(s) Stephane Vernay and Nadine Ganesan Keywords China, Drinking water, Foreign investment, Regulation, Utilities, Water supply Abstract Details the problems of access to safe drinking water in China , and examines the regulatory framework governing foreign investment in the country’s municipal water industry. Reviews the sector’s institutional framework, the policy concerning foreign direct investment, the typical structure of foreign […]