Adverse Effects of the Illicit Movement and Dumping of Hazardous, Toxic, and Dangerous Wastes and Products on the Enjoyment of Human Rights (C. U. Gwam)

Author(s) Cyril Uchenna Gwam Keywords toxic waste, developing countries, development, human rights, UN Commission on Human Rights, environmental destruction, environmental protection Excerpt “Introduction This Article discusses the adverse effects of the illicit movement and dumping of hazardous, toxic, and dangerous wastes and products in developing countries, and the effect of such activities on the enjoyment […]

Avoiding Adaptation Apartheid: Climate Change Adaptation and Human Rights Law (M. J. Hall and D. C. Weiss)

Author(s) Margaux J. Hall and David C. Weiss Keywords developing countries, United Nations, global warming, impacts of climate change, poverty, adaptation, climate consequences, human rights law, culpability Abstract There is now little doubt that humans will be forced to adapt to the impacts of a warming world. There is also little doubt that the poorest […]

Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection (Alan E Boyle and Michael R Anderson)

Author(s) Alan E Boyle and Michael R Anderson Keywords Essays, human rights and environment, debate, legal status of environmental rights, international human rights law, EC law, developing countries, jurisprudence Abstract This collection of essays explores links between the environment and human rights, and responds to the growing debate among activists, lawyers, academics and policy-makers on […]

The regulation of multinational companies operating in developing countries: a case study of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline project (E. Mujih)

Author Edwin Mujih Keywords Cameroon, Chad, corporate social responsibility, developing countries, environmental protection, human rights record, international law, multinational companies, pipelines, regulation Abstract Examines, with reference to the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline, the regulatory problems of projects involving multinational companies in developing countries. Outlines key features of the project, notes the political, economic, social and environmental concerns associated with […]

Incorporating social rights in development: transnational corporations and the right to water (A.F.S. Russell)

Author Anna F.S. Russell Keywords Corporate social responsibility, Developing countries, Human Rights, Multinational companies, Water supply Abstract Analyses the official publications of multinational companies involved in the delivery of water services in developing countries, and presents the findings of interviews with senior staff members, to examine how these companies understand and use the language of […]