Community stewardship: the foundation of biocultural rights (Bavikatte and Bennett)

Author(s) Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte and Tom Bennett Keywords Biocultural rights, stewardship, property, environment, law, nature, indigenous people, customary law, commodity, post-development, political ecology, commons, Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, traditional resource rights Abstract The term ‘biocultural rights’ denotes a community’s long established right, in accordance with its customary laws, to steward its lands, waters […]

Legal Frameworks to Support Community-Based Natural Resource Management (E. Techera)

Author Erika Techera Keywords Environmental law, customary law, sustainable development, environmental justice, community based natural resource management, human rights, indigenous rights, sustainable livelihoods. Abstract In recent decades there has been a shift in attitude in relation to natural resource management. Whereas in the past positivist legal approaches have been taken to environmental regulation, increasingly attention […]

Sustainability and the English commons: a legal pluralist analysis (M. Pieraccini)

Author Margherita Pieraccini Keywords Commons; Customary law; Environmental protection; Pluralism; Proprietary rights; Sustainability Abstract Applies legal pluralist analysis to assess how environmental management, property law and soft and customary law interact in the sustainability governance of common land, referring to case studies. Citation (2010) 12(2) Environmental Law Review 94 -114 Paper Sustainability and the English […]