An Emerging Human Right to Security from Climate Change: The Case Against Gas Flaring in Nigeria (A. Sinden)

Author Amy Sinden Keywords Climate Change, Environmental Degradation, Human Rights, Civil and Political Rights, Corporations Abstract Most of the oil wells in Nigeria are accompanied by a raging flame that burns twenty-four hours a day, reaching hundreds of feet into the sky, killing the surrounding vegetation with searing heat, emitting a deafening roar, and belching […]

Green is Good: Sustainability, Profitability, and a New Paradigm for Corporate Governance (J.F. Sneirson)

Author Judd F. Sneirson Keywords Sustainability, wealth, future generations Abstract This Article relates the concept of sustainability–that society must meet its present needs without infringing on future generations’ ability to do the same–to corporategovernance and seeks to reconcile any conflicts between the two. The largest of these conflicts is the commonly held view that companies […]

Environmental disputes and human rights violations… (R.D. Clark)

Author Richard D. Clark ( John Carroll University , Ohio , USA ) Keywords Human rights violations; environmental degradation; corporate power Abstract As multinational trade has become more prevalent, more governments are being pressured to lower their environmental standards to accommodate the wishes of large international corporations. With large profits at stake, governments and corporations […]

Factors in the Development of a Global Substantive Environmental Right (S.J Turner)

Author Stephen James Turner Keywords Global environmental human right, non-state actors, corporations, WTO, MDBs, decision-making processes Abstract Owing to the fact that there is currently no international treaty that provides a globally accepted substantive human right for the protection of the environment (Anton and Shelton, 2011; Turner, 2009) there is a case for considering how […]

Disaster in the Amazon: Dodging ‘Boomerang Suits’ in Transnational Human Rights…(C. Kenney)

Author Cortelyou Kenney Keywords Multinational corporate entities, environmental degradation, human rights abuses, wellbeing, communities, accountability Abstract Over the past two decades, the number of lawsuits filed against multinational corporate entities for environmental degradation and human rights abuses has skyrocketed. At the same time, U.S. courts have shown an increasing reluctance to hear such cases, turning […]