Contaminated land: the latest developments (J. Thornton)

Author Justine Thornton Keywords Appropriate persons, clean-up costs, conditional contracts, consultants, contaminated land, contractual liability, damages, development, ECHR, environmental liability, environmental remediation;, failure to act, indemnities, local authorities’ powers and duties, misrepresentation, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, public nuisance, right to respect for home Abstract Reviews key cases on contaminated land over the last […]

The Corby Group litigation (S. Shergold)

Author Stephen Shergold Keywords Birth defects, Contaminated land, Duty of care, Environmental liability, Foreseeability, Hazardous substances, Land reclamation, Local authorities’ liabilities, Negligence, Public nuisance Abstract Discusses the Technology and Construction Court decision in Corby Group Litigation v CorbyDC on whether the local authority was liable in public nuisance, negligence and for breach of the Environmental […]

Let’s get physical: civil liability and the perception of risk (C. Hilson)

Author Chris Hilson Keywords Environment, health, negligence, nuisance, contaminated land, damage to property, economic loss, hazardous substances, health hazards, nuisance, risk management, tortious liability Abstract Examines the role of risk perception in tort claims concerning environmental “stigma damages” and fear of disease. Reviews the varying public perceptions of risk, the need to show physical damage […]

Old iron: birth defects litigation and the Corby steelworks’ reclamation (R. Lee)

Author Robert Lee Keywords Birth defects; human health; breach of statutory duty; causation; contaminated land; environmental remediation; local authorities’ liabilities; negligence; public nuisance. Abstract Examines the Technology and Construction Court judgment in Corby Group Litigation v Corby DC concerning whether a local authority had exposed pregnant women, who subsequently had children with birth defects, to […]