The Implicit Constitutional Right to Live in a Healthy Environment (D. R. Boyd)

Author David R. Boyd Keywords constitutional rights, healthy environment, environmental rights, human rights Abstract The right to a healthy environment has rapidly gained constitutional protection around the world. In at least twenty countries, recognition of the right to a healthy environment first occurred through court decisions determining that it is implicit in other constitutional provisions, primarily the right to life. […]

Constitutional rights to an ecologically balanced environment (I. Larmuseau)

Author(s) Isabelle Larmuseau Keywords constitutional rights, ecologically balanced environment, environmental rights, environmental protection Abstract Distinguished speakers from several European and non-European countries were willing to come to Ghent on 28 September 2007, to provide an answer to the question if the right to an ecologically balanced environment should receive express provision in the constitution of […]

The Intersection between Constitution, Human Rights and the Environment: The French Charter for the Environment and the New Ex Post Constitutional Control in France (D. Marrani)

Author David Marrani Keywords legal orders, French Constitution, environmental rights, human rights, French Constitutional Council, GMO, constitutional rights, green constitution Abstract There is a lot to be said about how environmental issues are reshaping the way we are living in the twenty-first century. Not only are those issues affecting the human race, but they are […]

Giving Nature Constitutional Protection: A Less Anthropocentric Interpretation of Environmental Rights (J. J. Bruckerhoff)

Author(s) Joshua J. Bruckerhoff Keywords nature, anthropocentricism, constitutional rights, environmental rights, environmental health, environmental protection, biodiversity, jurisprudence Abstract Is it possible to use constitutional rights to protect the intrinsic value of nature? This question should seem somewhat paradoxical. Constitutional rights are, by their very nature, anthropocentric-they confer a right to people and to people only.1 […]

The human right to water and reform of the Irish water sector: Owen McIntyre

Author Owen McIntyre Keywords Human right to water, water sector reform, privatization of water services, constitutional rights, bodily integrity, dignity Abstract The austerity measures imposed upon Ireland under the terms of the 2009 EU/IMF financial bail-out package include the introduction of charging for domestic water and sanitation services, which has led to the establishment of […]