Constitutional Codification of an Environmental Ethic (J. C. Tucker)

Author John C. Tucker Keywords constitutional provisions, environmental ethics, Florida, environmental rights, environmental protection, conservation Abstract This Article examines the legal, political, and societal significance of environmental constitutional provisions. Part II of this Article briefly traces the evolution of a societal environmental ethic. Part IIl examines environmental provisions in state and national constitutions, and draws […]

The Need for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Norm Diffusion: The Case of Fair and Equitable Benefit-sharing (L. Parks and E. Morgera)

Authors Louisa Parks and Elisa Morgera Keywords benefit-sharing, international law, environmental law, human rights law, human rights, oceans law, regulation, national law, regional law, indigenous peoples, local communities, norm diffusion, scholarship, conservation, sustainability, natural resources, power asymmetry Abstract No systematic study discusses the evolution of fair and equitable benefit-sharing across various areas of international law […]

Indigenous Rights Entwined with Nature Conservation (E. Desmet)

Author(s) Ellen Desmet Keywords indigenous rights, conservation, biodiversity Abstract Heightened public awareness of the ever increasing loss of biodiversity has led to louder calls for effective nature conservation efforts. Most remaining biodiversity-rich areas are inhabited or used by indigenous peoples and local communities. In recent years a new ‘paradigm’ of ‘nature conservation with respect for […]

Conservation-induced Displacement: Recent Perspectives from India (G. Shahabuddin, P.L. Bhamidipati)

Authors Ghazala Shahabuddin and Padmasai Lakshmi Bhamidipati Keywords Conservation, Displacement, India Abstract Environmental Justice is the essential peer-reviewed journal that explores the equitable treatment of all people, especially minority and low-income populations, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Published bimonthly Citation (2014) 7(5) Environmental Justice 122-129 Paper […]

Human Rights, Environment and Development: With Special Emphasis on Corporate Accountability (A. Dias)

Author(s) Ayesha Dias Keywords human rights, environment, development, corporate accountability, policy, praxis, poverty, environmental protection, conservation, sustainable human development Abstract This paper is in two parts addressing interrelated topics which merit separate scrutiny as well. Part I focuses on the interrelationships between human rights, environment and development. In doing so, the paper is less motivated […]