Conflicts in International Environmental Law (R. Wolfrum and N. Matz)

Author(s) Rüdiger Wolfrum, Nele Matz Keywords conflict, international environmental law, coordination, agreement, environmental degradation Abstract This volume is an important contribution to both theoretical and practical approaches to solving contradictions and conflicts between the approaches, principles, objectives and regulations of international environmental agreements. The issue of the coordination and streamlining of environmental agreements is of […]

When Ambiguity in Treaty Design Becomes Destructive: A Study of Transboundary Water (I. Fischhendler)

Author Itay Fischhendler (HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem) Keywords Water, ambiguity, natural resources, regulate, management, environmental regimes, destructive, conflict Abstract Ambiguity has a clear role in facilitating closure in negotiations to regulate natural resources. However, there are no empirical studies that examine whether such “constructive ambiguity” can in fact become destructive. The aim of the present study […]

International Norms Against Chemical and Biological Warfare (J.P. Zanders)

Author Jean Pascal Zanders Keywords CBW, unnecessary suffering, international norms, security Abstract Chemical and biological weapons (CBW) bear a moral opprobrium as they are widely viewed as indiscriminate agents of unnecessary suffering. This immorality is often presented as an article of faith. However, the belief system cannot be the sole legal, political and social reality, […]

Climate change-induced migration and violent conflict (R. Reuveny)

Author Rafael Reuveny Keywords Climate change; Migration; Conflict Abstract In a world of rising sea levels and melting glaciers, climate change is most likely occurring but with uncertain overall effects. I argue that we can predict the effects of climate change on migration by exploring the effects of environmental problems on migration in recent decades. […]

Environmental discourse and resource-use conflict in northern Nigeria (S. Milligan & T. Binns)

Author(s) Simon Milligan (Styrbordsgatan, Stockholm) Tony Binns (University of Otago, New Zealand) Keywords Nigeria, conflict, crisis narrative, environment, policy, pastoralist, farmer Abstract This article explores the emergence and persistence of crisis narratives in the policy environment of twentieth century Nigeria. It finds that environmental crisis narratives have a well-established and traceable historical lineage, initially, as […]