Climate Change, Human Rights and Moral Thresholds (S. Caney)

Author(s) Simon Caney Keywords frameworks, impacts of climate change, human rights-centered analysis, cost-benefit, security-based analyses, right to life, right to health, right to subsistence, ethics, anthropogenic climate change, violation of rights, policy, mitigation, adaptation, compensation, international relations, vulnerability Abstract EXTRACT: “I argue that: 1. Climate change jeopardizes some key human rights. 2. A “human-rights”-centered analysis […]

DEFRA’s coexistence proposals for GM crops: a recipe for confrontation? (C. Rodgers)

Author Christopher Rodgers Keywords Environment, Compensation, Environmental policy, Genetically modified organisms, Private nuisance, Risk assessment Abstract Comments on coexistence measures proposed by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to allow genetically modified (GM) and conventional crops to be grown alongside each other. Reviews the EC position on such measures and evaluates the […]

The case for climate compensation: justice for climate change victims in a complex world (D. Farber)

Author Daniel A. Farber Keywords Emissions; climate change; accountability; regulation of GHGs;compensation. Abstract The United States, the wealthiest country intheworld, contributes far more than its share of greenhouse gases. It is now clear that these emissions have caused serious risks to theworld as a whole, particularly the poorest nations. This raises two questions. First, does […]