Urgenda and Dutch Dikastophobia: Is this the End of Public Interest Litigation for The Environment, and the end of Article 3:305a Dutch Civil Code?

Contributer: Otto Spijkers Introduction In recent years, the domestic courts of the Netherlands have produced a series of judgments, all relating to general issues of global concern, which have been praised by international lawyers from all over the world. In the Mothers of Srebrenica case, the Netherlands was held responsible for the failure of a […]

Outcomes of COP25 – watch the GNHRE Webinar!

GNHRE is excited to sponsor a series of webinars on topics relating to human rights and the environment. The first, on “The Outcomes of COP25 – Implications for the Climate Vulnerable” was moderated by Lisa Benjamin, GNHRE Regional Director for the Caribbean and Assistant Professor at Lewis & Clark Law School. Bryce Rudyk, MJ Mace. and Linda Siegele, provide […]

Interclan Cooperation in a Risky Pastoral Ecology: Some lessons from Eastern Ethiopia (F. Beyene)

Author Fekadu Beyene ( Haramaya University , Ethiopia ) Keywords Land resources, reciprocity, cooperation, communal grazing, clans, institutions Abstract This paper explores institutional arrangements governing reciprocal grazing resource sharing among different pastoral and agropastoral clans in eastern Ethiopia. It describes and compares multiple institutional arrangements that define non-exclusive property rights in order to increase the […]

The Water Manifesto: Arguments for a World Water Contract (R. Petrella)

Author Riccardo Petrella Keywords Water, universal human right, world water contract Abstract One and a half billion people across the world lack drinking water and another two lack clean water generally. In 20 years time these numbers will have doubled. Agricultural and industrial pollution is degrading the quality of fresh water supplies everywhere. And we […]

Harnessing Community Energies (G. Walker, et al)

Author(s) Gordon Walker, Sue Hunter, Patrick Devine-Wright, Bob Evans, and Helen Fay Keywords UK, policy discourse, public resources, community renewable energy Abstract In the UK a new theme has emerged in policy discourse and the investment of public resources around the concept of community renewable energy. A series of central government funded programs have been […]