Which direction for international environmental law? (Anderson)

Author Paul Anderson Keywords Sustainability, governance, neoclassical economics, distributive justice, democracy, commons Abstract An enduring challenge to international environmental law is to facilitate the resolution of environmental problems faster than they are being caused. Prominent among potential foundations for substantive international environmental law to this end are (a) neoclassical economic theory (NET) and (b) distributive […]

Community stewardship: the foundation of biocultural rights (Bavikatte and Bennett)

Author(s) Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte and Tom Bennett Keywords Biocultural rights, stewardship, property, environment, law, nature, indigenous people, customary law, commodity, post-development, political ecology, commons, Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, traditional resource rights Abstract The term ‘biocultural rights’ denotes a community’s long established right, in accordance with its customary laws, to steward its lands, waters […]

Toward a recalibrated human right to a clean and healthy environment: making the conceptual transition (B. Weston and D. Bollier)

Authors Burns Weston and David Bollier Keywords ecological survival, ecological governance, commons, human rights, biocentrism, cooperation, subsidiarity, precaution, ecocide, anthropocentrism, neoliberal hegemony, competition Abstract Despite many noble efforts to champion the right to a clean and healthy environment and related regulation, the official recognition and jurisdictional reach of this right is highly limited. It does […]

Coastal dune conservation on an Irish commonage (J. McKenna, et al)

Author(s) John McKenna ; Anne Marie O’Hagan ; James Power; Michael MacLeod; Andrew Cooper Keywords Ireland , dune commonage, degradation, conservation, community management Abstract In Ireland ‘commonage’ refers to lands jointly owned by several individuals who have grazing rights. Commonage can provide the low-intensity grazing regime regarded as optimal for habitat conservation, and it is […]

Indigenous people and sustainable development in Amazonas (C.E.C. Freitas, et al)

Author(s) Carlos E.C. Freitas (Universidade Federal do Amazonas , Brazil ) James R. Kahn ( Lee University , USA ) Alexandre A.F. Rivas (Universidade Federal do Amazonas , Brazil ) Keywords Amazonas; indigenous people; rain forest; sustainable development Abstract Indigenous populations have lived for many generations in a sustainable fashion, developing knowledge about how to […]