Indigenous Peoples’ Environmental Rights: Evolving Common Law Perspectives (P.M. Manus)

Author Peter M. Manus (New EnglandSchool of Law, USA) Keywords Indigenous Peoples’ Environmental Rights: Evolving Common Law Perspectives in Canada , Australia and the United States Abstract Common law decisions on the environment -related interests of indigenous peoples that have emerged from the high courts of Canada, Australia , and the United States over the […]

Old iron: birth defects litigation and the Corby steelworks’ reclamation (R. Lee)

Author Robert Lee Keywords Birth defects; human health; breach of statutory duty; causation; contaminated land; environmental remediation; local authorities’ liabilities; negligence; public nuisance. Abstract Examines the Technology and Construction Court judgment in Corby Group Litigation v Corby DC concerning whether a local authority had exposed pregnant women, who subsequently had children with birth defects, to […]

Mobile phone base stations and precautionary principle in the light of a civil court’s … (N.Turgut)

Author Nukhet Yilmaz Turgut. Keywords Electromagnetic fields; environmental law; environment; mobile telephones; precautionary principle; public health; telecommunications masts; Turkey. Abstract Explores the application of the precautionary principle by legislators and public administrators responding to public health concerns arising out of the siting of mobile telephone masts. Notes the lack of consensus on the dangers of […]

The judiciary and political change in Africa: developing transitional jurisprudence… (H. O. Yusuf)

Author Hakeem O. Yusuf Keywords Nigeria; jurisprudence; judiciary; human rights; constitutional law; transitional law; cooperation; environmental protection. Abstract At a time of increased evaluations of law, human rights , and the rise of judicial power all over the globe, the work of most African judiciaries and the principles of the jurisprudence they espouse in promoting […]

Linking climate litigation and human rights (M. Averill)

Author Marilyn Averill Keywords Anthroprogenic activities; emissions; global warming; human rights; climate litigation; climate policy; vulnerability. Abstract Human activities since the beginning of the industrial age have produced emissions that are accelerating natural forces and changing the global climate. The expected impacts on sea levels, temperature, precipitation and storm intensity will stress many human communities […]