The regulatory challenge of animal cloning for food – the risks of risk regulation in the European Union (M. Weimer)

Author Maria Weimer Keywords Food, European Union, Science, Cloning, EU law, Ethics, Food, Genetically modified organisms, Regulation, Risk;, Scientific uncertainty, United States Abstract Examines the debate in the EU on the appropriate regulatory response to the marketing of food produced from cloned animals, a practice on the verge of commercialisation in the global food market, […]

The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights (J. Burley)

Editor Justine Burley ( University of Manchester, UK) Keywords Human cloning, Dolly, genetic information, health, public policy, eugenics, genetic manipulation, Africa, genetic engineering, human rights, biological control Abstract Are eugenics practices morally defensible? Who should have access to genetic information about particular individuals? What dangers for cultural and racial diversity do developments in genetics pose? […]