Editorial – The discourse of ‘biocultural’ rights and the search for new epistemic parameters: moving beyond essentialisms and old certainties in an age of Anthropocene complexity? (A. Grear)

Author(s) Anna Grear Keywords climate change, biocultural rights, essentialism, antropocene discourse, climate vulnerability, epistemic parameters Abstract There can be little doubt of the multiple complexities facing law in the twenty-first century. Climate change alone presents a challenge of unprecedented global complexity for legal systems – a complexity arising, moreover, directly from the ‘complexity of the […]

Water Rights & Social Justice in the Mekong Region (K. Lazarus, et al)

Editor(s) Kate Lazarus, Nathan Badenoch, Nga Dao and Bernadette P. Resurreccion Keywords Water Governance, Water Rights, Mekong Region, Participation in Decision-making, Water Transfer Planning, Northeast Thailand, Local People’s Participation, Involuntary Resettlement in Vietnam, Son La Hydropower Project, Access and Equity, Competition for Water Resources, Gender, Commercialization, Fisheries-Aquaculture Divide, Nutrition, Regional Development Pathways, Food Rights, Livelihood […]