Climate-Induced Community Relocations: Creating an Adaptive Governance Framework Based in Human Rights Doctrine (R. Bronen)

Author(s) Robin Bronen Keywords climigration, migration, climate change, displacement, climate refugees, southern hemisphere, global warming, ecology, humanitarian crisis, indigenous communities, Arctic, disaster relief Abstract The specter of millions of people fleeing their homes because of climate change has sparked an international debate about creating human rights protections for climate refugees. Though scholars and journalists have […]

Global Warring and the Permanent Dry: How Heat Threatens Human Security…(J. Marlow and J.K. Barcelos)

Author(s) Jennifer Marlow and Jennifer Krencicki Barcelos Keywords Climate Justice, Human Security, Climate Change, Global Warming, Adaptation, Food Security, Equity, Justice, Water, COP 16, Cancun, Green Fund, Climate Refugees, Climate Migrants, Geopolitical, Hotspots, Small Island, Rising Sea Levels, Institution, Human Rights Abstract This essay will attempt to correct the oversimplification of climate justice as a […]

Stormy weather: The challenge of climate change and displacement – review (F. Thornton)

Author Fanny Thornton (publication review) Keywords IPCC, climate change, drought, flooding, famine, vulnerability, displacement, global warming, climate refugees, involuntary migration. Abstract As early as 1990, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that millions of people would be displaced by the effects of climate change, whether through drought, flooding, famine or other causes, presenting a […]

Preparing for a Warmer World: Towards a Global Governance System…(F. Biermann & I. Boas)

Author(s) Frank Biermann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , The Netherlands ) Ingrid Boas (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , The Netherlands ) Keywords Climate change, refugee crisis, Africa , Asia , new governance, new legal instrument, funding mechanism, climate refugees Abstract Climate change threatens to cause the largest refugee crisis in human history. Millions of people, largely in […]