‘Environmental Rights of the Child in India’ in The Rights of the Child to a Clean Environment (M. Anderson and S. Bluck)

Author(s) Michael Anderson and Sylvia Bluck Keywords children’s rights, clean environment, human rights, India Abstract A discussion on the right of a child to a clean environment, linking two contemporary issues: human rights and the environment. It consists of the extended versions of some of the papers which were presented at a workshop held at Queen […]

The Human Right to a Clean Environment – Phantom or Reality? (M. Fitzmaurice and J. Marshall)

Author(s) Malgosia Fitzmaurice (Queen Mary, University of London ) and Jill Marshall (Queen Mary, University of London ) Keywords Human rights, clean environment, European Convention of Human Rights, Human Rights Act 1998 Abstract Whilst many claim there is a human right to a clean environment, the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights is examined […]

Wild law: . . . Evidence of Principles of Earth Jurisprudence in Existing Law and Legal Practice?’ (I. Mason and B. Filgueira)

Author(s) Ian Mason and Begonia Filgueira Keywords Wild law,human rights, clean environment, Earth Jurisprudence and governance, economy versus the environment, compatibility with economic prosperity Abstract This Research Paper reports on research undertaken under the auspices of UKELA and the Gaia Foundation to look at existing environmental laws from various countries and assess them in terms […]

Wild Law: a manifesto for Earth justice (C. Cullinan)

Author Cormac Cullinan Keywords Wild law, human rights, clean environment, Earth Jurisprudence and goverance, economy versus the environment, compatibility with economic prosperity. Abstract Man is hastily destroying his only habitat. It is becoming palpably evident that many of the treaties, laws and policies concluded in recent years have failed to slow down, let alone halt […]