Azerbaijan’s resource wealth: political legitimacy and public opinion (S. O’Lear)

Author Shannon O’Lear ( University of Kansas , USA ) Keywords Azerbaijan , resource curse, petro-state, sovereignty, legitimacy, public opinion Abstract After considering how well Azerbaijan’s economy follows the trajectory of a ‘resource curse’ state, this paper investigates the political dimensions of the resource curse evident in Azerbaijan. Of particular interest is how Azerbaijan appears […]

Stifling environmental dissent: On SLAPPS and GUNNS (R. White)

Author Rob White Keywords Environmental issues, public participation, social activists, civil litigation Abstract This article discusses the use of civil litigation by companies against social activists as a means to stifle full public participation around environmental issues. Drawing on a recent Australian example, it demonstrates how the targeting of such legal action simultaneously defines the […]

Power, Justice, and the Environment (D. Naguib and R.J Brulle)

Editor David Naguib ( University of Minnesota ) Robert J. Brulle ( Drexel University ) Keywords Environmental justice, power, civil rights movement, activists, environmentalists, academics, food and justice, healthy communities, autonomy, equity, legal system, governance, United States, South Africa, economic justice, sustainability, future Abstract For almost 30 years, the environmental justice movement (EJM) has challenged […]

Do human rights help or hinder environmental protection? (C. Gearty)

Author Conor Gearty (LSE, UK) Keywords human rights, environmental protection, social movements, civil and political rights, economic and social rights Abstract It is acknowledged that traditional approaches to human rights can have and have had a negative impact in the field of environmental protection. But the emphasis in human rights on controlling the abuse of […]

Theory meets practice: some current human rights challenges in Canada (J. Hucker)

Author John Hucker Keywords Human rights; protection of lands; Agoriginal Canadians civil and political rights. Abstract The article examines three recent situations in which human rights issues have been in the forefront of public policy debates in Canada. In the first, freedom of expression may have been compromised as a result of foreign policy considerations. […]