The Power of Rights: Imposing Human Rights Duties on Transnational Corporations for Environmental Harms (A. Sinden)

Author Amy Sinden Keywords Human Rights, Environmental Wrongs, Transnational Corporations, Civil and Political Rights, Public/Private Divide Abstract This essay attempts to construct a normative justification for the imposition of human rights duties on transnational corporations (TNCs) that commit environmental wrongs in the developing world. Under the now near-hegemonic worldview of welfare economics, TNCs are analogised […]

An Emerging Human Right to Security from Climate Change: The Case Against Gas Flaring in Nigeria (A. Sinden)

Author Amy Sinden Keywords Climate Change, Environmental Degradation, Human Rights, Civil and Political Rights, Corporations Abstract Most of the oil wells in Nigeria are accompanied by a raging flame that burns twenty-four hours a day, reaching hundreds of feet into the sky, killing the surrounding vegetation with searing heat, emitting a deafening roar, and belching […]

Climate Change and Human Rights Law (J.H. Knox)

Author John H. Knox Keywords Human Rights Law, Environmental Protection, Civil and Political Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Regulate State and Private Conduct, Jurisprudence, Climate Change Abstract This Essay divides the overarching issue—what duties, if any, human rights law imposes with respect to climate change—into three questions. First, what duties has human rights law […]