Environmental migration & cities in the context of global environmental change (S.B. Adamo)

Author Susana B. Adamo Keywords Environment, environmental migration, cities, migration inflows, GEC impacts, risk, secondary migration, displacement Abstract There is a renewed interest in environmental migration and displacement that is fueled by concerns about the impacts of global environmental change on human populations. Regardless on-going debates about magnitudes and definitions, recent research on the topic […]

Gender Equality for Smarter Cities: Challenges and Progress (UN-HABITAT)

Author UN-HABITAT Keywords Towns and cities gender inequalities; urbanisation Abstract Towns and cities are increasingly important places for tackling gender inequalities. This book highlights some of the key gender issues we face in the context of rapid urbanisation in the developing world. It also provides an overview of UN-HABITAT’s work in promoting gender equality in […]

The Implications of Population Growth and Urbanization for Climate Change (D. Satterthwaite)

Author David Satterthwaite Keywords Climate change, consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, population growth, urbanization Abstract This paper considers the implications of population growth and urbanization for climate change. It emphasizes that it is not the growth in (urban or rural) populations that drives the growth in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but rather, the growth in consumers […]

Review of urban climate research in (sub)tropical regions (M. Roth)

Author Matthias Roth (National University of Singapore , Singapore ) Keywords Developing world, Cities, Urban population, Environmental degradation, Tropical urban climatology, Tropical urban heat island, Tropical urban energy balance Abstract Over the last 50 years the developing world, much of which is located in (sub)tropical regions, has seen a dramatic growth of its urban population […]

Climate Change And Sustainable Development New Challenges for Poverty Reduction (M.A.M. Salih)

Author M.A. Mohamed Salih Keywords Polycentric Systems, Ecosystems Services Approach, Income, Inequality, Poverty, Ecospace, Humanspace, Climate Change, Future Generations of Humankind, International Environmental Law, Child Rights, Climate Change, Environmental Security, Politics, Markets, Resource Conflicts, Cooperation, Climate Conflict, Global Warming, Rural Poverty, Cotton Production, Environmental Degradation, Spatializing Development, Environmental Discourses, Sustainable Development, Globalization, Digital Dematerialization, Economic […]