The Global Compact, Environmental Principles, and Change in International Environmental Politics (A. Akhtarkhavari)

Author Afshin Akhtarkhavari ( Griffith Law School ) Keywords Environmental principles, role, function, international level, change, impact, Global Compact, international law and politics Abstract Unlike rules, international lawyers commonly ignore the potential that environmental principles have to create change in international law and politics. Transnational actors do not easily conform to abstract and open-textured environmental […]

Population and pavement: population growth and land development (D.E. Orenstein & S.P. Hamburg)

Author(s) Daniel E. Orenstein (Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) Steven P. Hamburg (Brown University, USA) Keywords Land use/land cover change, Urbanization, Open space preservation, Population growth, Land use policy, Israel Abstract This research examines land use change in Israel––an intriguing but understudied setting with regard to population–environment dynamics. While Israel is fairly unique with regard […]

Creative regulation: how wild law can rehabilitate governance and regulation (E. Rivers)

Author Elizabeth Rivers Keywords Regulation; governance; wild law; ‘Great Jurisprudence’; sustainability; social justice. Abstract This article highlights that it is important to consider the law’s potential contribution to achieving sustainability rather than focusing on the traditional method of campaigning solely for changes in economic activities and human behaviour and attitudes. Rivers suggests ‘rethinking our jurisprudence’ […]