Payment for ‘ecosystem services’ and the ‘green economy’: green-washing or something new? (K. Wilkinson)

Author Kate Wilkinson Keywords ecofeminism, green economy, payment for ecosystem services, ecosystems, environment, capitalism, free market, economics, REDDES, REDD+, UNFCCC, ITTO, forests, natural resources, gender, participation Abstract Using an ecofeminist critical analysis, this paper examines the extent to which two forest-related ‘payments for ecosystem services’ (PES) schemes maintain a mainstream anti-nature and exploitative conceptualization of […]

The logic of ecosystems: capitalism, rights and the law of ‘ecosystem services’ (B.Pardy)

Author Bruce Pardy Keywords law, ecosystem service, capitalism, environmental right, market, ecosystem, negative right, property right, natural selection, evolution Abstract ‘Ecosystem services’ consist of natural processes on which humans depend, such as photosynthesis, waste decomposition, pollination, and water and air purification. Current proposals for the targeted protection of ecosystem services ignore the logic of ecosystems: […]

Ecosystem services and capitalism: a valuation or de-valuation of ‘nature’? K Morrow

Author Karen Morrow Keywords Ecosystem services, payment for ecosystem services, capitalism, valuation, de-valuation Abstract As with many of Oscar Wilde’s amusing but apparently flippant statements, the quotation above, on closer consideration, raises something much more profound, and here seems to get to the heart of the concerns raised by the thematic topic of this edition […]

Environmental Human Rights: Power, Ethics and Law (J. Hancock)

Author Jan Hancock Keywords Environment, human rights, political, ethical, legal, environmental values, capitalism Abstract This text redefines the political, ethical and legal relationships between the environment and human rights. Through a focus on the operational dynamics of social power, it details how global capitalism subjugates concerns of human security and environmental protection to the values […]

Beyond the rhetoric of a right to development (L. Amede Obiora)

Author L. Amede Obiora Keywords Poverty; development; human rights; sustainability Abstract Paul Simon’s popular lyric about these being “the days of lasers in the jungle” reflects the stark contrast, contradiction, or even exploitativeness of conventional strategies of development. Once paraded as the ultimate recipe for progress and the solution for poverty, the idea of development […]