Upcoming Canadian Country Visit of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Toxics

 By Associate Professor Sara Seck and JD candidate Meg Williams, Schulich School of Law, Marine & Environmental Law Institute, Dalhousie University. It has just been announced that the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and toxics, Baskut Tuncak, will conduct an official country visit to Canada from 24 May to 5 June 2019. The Special […]

Law or World Re-form: The Problem of Environmental Rights (C. Giagnocavo and H. Goldstein)

Author(s) Cynthia Giagnocavo and Howard Goldstein Keywords reform, paradigm shift, environmental law, Canada, legislation, judicial decisions Abstract Developments in the area of environmental law are proceeding at a rapid pace in Canada. More and more legislation is appearing, judicial decisions are being made and lawyers are actively involved, all to the point where environmental law, […]

The impact on the Inuit of environmental degradation to the Canadian Arctic (B.W. Morse and M. Zakrison)

Author(s) Bradford W. Morse and Michelle Zakrison Keywords Environment, Human rights, International law, Arctic, Canada, Climate change, Environmental degradation, Human rights, Indigenous peoples Abstract Considers how the indigenous Inuit population of the Canadian Arctic is being affected by the environmental degradation of the region caused by climate change and other factors. Discusses the population’s capacity […]

Limitations of European Union policy and law for regulating use of lead shot and sinkers: comparisons with North American regulation (V.G. Thomas and R. Guitart)

Author(s) Vernon G. Thomas Raimon Guitart Keywords Animal, Environment, Birds, Canada, Conservation, EU Law, Hunting, Lead poisoning, United States Abstract Summarises the efforts of EU Member States to restrict the use in hunting of lead shot and sinkers, known to be toxic to wild birds, and compares policy and regulation in the US and Canada. […]

Theory meets practice: some current human rights challenges in Canada (J. Hucker)

Author John Hucker Keywords Human rights; protection of lands; Agoriginal Canadians civil and political rights. Abstract The article examines three recent situations in which human rights issues have been in the forefront of public policy debates in Canada. In the first, freedom of expression may have been compromised as a result of foreign policy considerations. […]