Agricultural Biotechnologies, Transgenic Crops and the Poor: Opportunities and Challenges (K. Mechlem)

Author Kerstin Mechlem Keywords Agriculture; Biotechnology; Developing countries; Genetically modified organisms; Human rights; Poverty Abstract At the November 2009 World Summit on Food Security states concluded that increasing agricultural productivity is the main means to meet the growing demand for food, They nominated agricultural biotechnology as a way of achieving this goal. A few months […]

Legal Perspectives on Traditional Knowledge…IP Protection (T. Cottier and M. Panizzon)

Author(s) Thomas Cottier and Marion Panizzon Keywords Agriculture; Biotechnology; Developing countries; Intellectual property; International trade; Plants Abstract This paper explores the feasibility of devising a new form of intellectual property (IP) protection that would recognize the social value of traditional knowledge (TK) and promote its integration into domestic and international trade regimes while respecting and […]

…The Social and Ethical Aspects of Agricultural Biotechnology (M. Lappe and B. Bailey)

Author(s) Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey Keywords GMOs, social issues, ethical issues, crops Abstract Engineering the Farm offers a wide-ranging examination of the social and ethical issues surrounding the production and consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), with leading thinkers and activists taking a broad theoretical approach to the subject. Topics covered include: the historical […]

Contesting Privatization: NGOs and Farmers’ Rights in the African Model Law (N. Zerbe)

Author Noah Zerbe Keywords Farmer’s rights, FAO, African Union, private property rights, plant breeders, ownership, biodiversity, biotechnology, African Model Law, indigenous control, TRIPs Abstract The development of the concept of farmers’ rights in the Food and Agriculture Organization, and its adoption by the African Union as a counterbalance to the private property rights of plant […]

Global Catastrophic Risks (N. Borstrom and M.M. Cirkovic)

Editor(s) Nick Bostrom ( Oxford University , UK ) Milan M. Cirkovic (Astonomical Observatory, Belgrade ) Keywords Evolution theory, humanity, catastrophes, insurance, public policy, environmental hazards, climate change, global risk, pandemics, threat of nuclear war, nuclear terrorism, biotechnology, biosecurity, nanotechnology Abstract Chapters from leading experts and thinkers covering some of the biggest risks facing the […]