Could human rights supersede bioethics? (Richard E. Ashcroft)

Author Richard E. Ashcroft Keywords Biotechnology; Ethics; Human rights; Medicine Abstract Bioethics and human rights are now well-established sets of norms, practices, institutions and methods for regulating the life sciences and medicine in the public sphere. Recent scholarship, and to some extent states’ practice, in the governance of the life sciences and medicine have suggested […]

…IP rights in plant germplasm … implications for world agriculture (K. Kariyawasam)

Author Kanchana Kariyawasam Keywords Agriculture;Biotechnology; Developing countries; Farmers; Patents; Plant varieties Abstract Discusses the intellectual property implications of genetic use restriction technologies, used in genetically modified crops to prevent unauthorised exploitation, and the implications for subsistence farmers in developing countries whose traditional methods depend on saving seed. Citation (2009) 31(1) European Intellectual Property Review 37-44 […]

Sui generis protection for plant varieties and traditional agricultural knowledge…India (C. Antons)

Author Christoph Antons Keywords Agriculture; Environment; Biodiversity; Biotechnology; Farmers; India; Intellectual property; Patents; Plant varieties; Traditional knowledge Abstract Explores the sui generis protection of intellectual property, particularly patents, in biotechnology and traditional agricultural knowledge under Indian law. Focuses on the impact of amendments to the Patents Act 1970 and of the Plant Variety Protection and […]

Crime, bio-agriculture and the exploitation of hunger (R. Walters)

Author Reece Walters Keywords Criminology; Food; Genetically modified organisms; International environmental law; International trade; United States ; Zambia Abstract The rapid expansion of biotechnology during the past decade has created widespread debate and concern within the agricultural sector and consumer groups. This article examines the monopolization of bio-technology and the political economy of geneticallymodified food. […]

Africa’s regulatory approach to biotechnology in agriculture … socio-economic… (D.Collier and C. Moitui)

Author(s) Debbie Collier and Charles Moitui Keywords Agriculture; Biotechnology; Cameroon ; Genetically modified organisms; Kenya ; South Africa ; Uganda Abstract Reflects on African approaches to the regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agricultural crops and why no country should yet adopt a wholly permissive regime. Examines the importance of agriculture in Africa , […]