Review of Environmental, Economic and Policy Aspects of Biofuels (D. Rajagopal and D. Zilberman)

Author(s) Deepak Rajagopal and David Zilberman Keywords Energy Production and Transportation, Environmental Economics & Policies, Renewable Energy, Transport Economics Policy & Planning, Energy and Environment Abstract The world is witnessing a sudden growth in production of biofuels, especially those suited for replacing oil like ethanol and biodiesel. This paper synthesizes what the environmental, economic, and […]

The European Commission 2008 Directive Proposal on Biofuels (F. Pelsy)

Author Florent Pelsy Keywords Biofuels, certification, climate change, environmental criteria, European Community, food insecurity, precautionary principle, renewable energy, sustainable development, WTO Abstract This article focuses on the 2008 Directive Proposal of the European Commission on biofuels. The development of biofuels as a renewable energy source has been perceived as a priority by the European Union. […]

Agribusiness and Society: Corporate Responses to Environmentalism… (K. Jansen and S. Vellama)

Editor(s) Kees Jansen and Sietze Vellema Keywords Agribusiness, Environmentalism, Politics, Technology Innovation, Regulation, Reconciling Shareholders, Stakeholders, and Managers, Sustainable Development, Financial Constraints, Public Acceptance GM Tomato, Corporate Greening, Antipodean Agriculture, Organics and Green Production, California, Regulating Corporate Agribusiness, Public Sector, Institutionalizing Environmentalism, Self-Regulation, Fruit Corporations, DBCP Pesticide Cases, Access to Justice, Global Economy, Business, Biotechnology, […]

Biofuels, Land Grabbing and Food Security in Africa (P.B. Matondi, et al)

Editor(s) Prosper B. Matondi, Kjell Havnevik and Atakilte Beyene Keywords Biofuels, Food Security, Land Outsourcing, Land Rights, Livelihoods Justice, Internationalization, Energy, Peak Oil, Bio-fuel, Industrialized Nations, Resource Rights, Foreign Direct Investment, Africa, Smallholder-Led Transformation, Ethiopia, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Tanzania, Political Economy Crisis, Zimbabwe, Jatropha Production, Northern Ghana, Social Inclusion, Bio-diesel Policy, Brazil, Brazilian […]

Biofuels and the Globalisation of Risk (J. Smith)

Author James Smith Keywords Globalisation, Risk, Responsibility, Biofuels, Politics, Bioenergy, Biofuel Policy, Indian Global-Local Dialectics, Bioethanol, Energy, South, Unglobalisation of Food Abstract Biofuels and the Globalisation of Risk offers the reader a fresh and compelling analysis of the politics and policies behind the biofuel story, critically examining the technological optimism and often-idealised promises it makes […]