Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies (eds. R. S. Abate and E. A. Kronk)

Editors Randall S. Abate and Elizabeth Ann Kronk Keywords environment, climate change, environmental law, law – academic, environmental law, human rights, law and development, politics and public policy, human rights, Asia, Kenya, Arctic, South America, Pacific Island Nations, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, indigenous rights, sovereignty, climate justice, adaptation, equality, water rights, Aboriginal communities Abstract Indigenous […]

Regulating the Australian water market (V. Waye and C. Son)

Author(s) Vicki Waye and Christina Son Keywords Water law, Utilities,  Australia, Regulatory bodies, Trading, Water governance, Water industry, Water supply Abstract Examines the regulatory framework introduced in Australia to develop a mature water market. Explores the development of the regulatory role of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the implementation of legal measures to facilitate the promotion of […]

Greening Australian Workplaces: Workers and the Environment (V. Lambropoulos)

Author Victoria Lambropoulos Keywords Australia, workers, environmental reform Abstract Workers have in the past have been seen as a hindrance to environmental reform. This has been primarily because of the fear of job loss. The job versus the environment dichotomy that has placed workers and trade unions against environmentalists is unhelpful and believed by many […]

Wild law spreads like wildfire: Australia’s first conference on wild law (L. Rivers)

Author Liz Rivers Keywords Environment, Australia, Conferences, Environmental law, Environmental protection, Wildlife Abstract Reports on Australia’s first conference on wild law held in October, 2009, listing the range of topics discussed including rights for nature, Aboriginal perspectives on Earth Jurisprudence and alternative dispute resolution. Details the views of participants after the conference and outlines plans […]

Environmental and Human Rights to Water in the Murray Darling Basin… (V. Tampapillai)

Author Vinoli Thampapillai Keywords Water Act 2007 Water Amendment Act 2008; international water law; trade; environmental law; legal reforms. Abstract The Murray Darling Basin, Australia, famously described as Australia’s food bowl, suffered intense drought for the period 2001 to mid 2010. In late 2010 and early 2011 the drought ended, punctuated by severe flooding in […]