Culture, property, and peoplehood: a comment on Carpenter, Katyal, and Riley’s “In defense of property” (M.F.Brown)

Author Michael F. Brown Keywords Arts and culture, Cultural property, Heritage property, Indigenous peoples, South America Abstract Comments on the article, “In defense of property”, by Kristen A. Carpenter, Sonia K. Katyal and Angela R. Riley (Yale Law Journal 118 (2009), 1022-1125), which reviews current thinking on the protection of indigenous heritage, particularly that of American Indians. Citation (2010) […]

Conservation clash and the case for exemptions: how eagle protection conflicts with Hopi cultural preservation (S. Fenstemaker)

Author Sarah Fenstemaker Keywords Arts and culture, Environment, Birds, Environmental protection, Hunting, Indigenous peoples, Religions, Traditional knowledge Abstract Discusses the impact of US Fish and Wildlife Service proposals to end the granting of religious exemptions to the ban on the hunting of certain migratory birds on the Hopi tribe, which uses golden eagles and their […]