Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies (eds. R. S. Abate and E. A. Kronk)

Editors Randall S. Abate and Elizabeth Ann Kronk Keywords environment, climate change, environmental law, law – academic, environmental law, human rights, law and development, politics and public policy, human rights, Asia, Kenya, Arctic, South America, Pacific Island Nations, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, indigenous rights, sovereignty, climate justice, adaptation, equality, water rights, Aboriginal communities Abstract Indigenous […]

Human Rights Violations and Climate Change: The Last Days of the Inuit People? (S. Nuffer)

Author Sarah Nuffer Keywords human rights violations, climate change, Inuit, Arctic, vulnerability, responsibility, future generations, United Nations, native groups, indigenous people Excerpt INTRODUCTION The climate is changing. There is little debate left with regard to this statement. However, the world is still grappling with what exactly this change means. The Secretary General of the United […]

Snow, Sand, Ice, and Sun: Climate Change and Equity in the Arctic and Small Island Developing States (J. Crump)

Author(s) John Crump Keywords Arctic, SIDS, climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions, equity, vulnerability, development, human rights Abstract This article explores some of the similarities between the Arctic and Small Island Developing States (“SIDS”) as they confront the challenge of climate change. Both regions have been identified as the most vulnerable to climate change effects […]

Climate-Induced Community Relocations: Creating an Adaptive Governance Framework Based in Human Rights Doctrine (R. Bronen)

Author(s) Robin Bronen Keywords climigration, migration, climate change, displacement, climate refugees, southern hemisphere, global warming, ecology, humanitarian crisis, indigenous communities, Arctic, disaster relief Abstract The specter of millions of people fleeing their homes because of climate change has sparked an international debate about creating human rights protections for climate refugees. Though scholars and journalists have […]

The impact on the Inuit of environmental degradation to the Canadian Arctic (B.W. Morse and M. Zakrison)

Author(s) Bradford W. Morse and Michelle Zakrison Keywords Environment, Human rights, International law, Arctic, Canada, Climate change, Environmental degradation, Human rights, Indigenous peoples Abstract Considers how the indigenous Inuit population of the Canadian Arctic is being affected by the environmental degradation of the region caused by climate change and other factors. Discusses the population’s capacity […]