The Economics of Endangered Species: Why Less is More in the Economic Analysis… (A. Sinden)

Author Amy Sinden ( Temple University ) Keywords Environment, environmental law, Endangered Species Act, Cost-Benefit Analysis Abstract The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is the paradigmatic “absolutist” statute of American environmental law. One provision, however, allows economic considerations to play a role in a particular determination – the designation of an area as “critical habitat” for […]

The Human Impact on the Natural Environment: Past, Present, and Future (A.S. Goudie)

Author Andrew Goudie ( University of Oxford , UK ) Keywords Human Influence, Animals, Human Impact, Vegetation, Soil, Waters, Geomorphology, Climate, Atmosphere, Future, Coastal Environments, Hydrological Impacts, The Cryosphere, Drylands. Abstract The new edition of this classic student text provides an up-to-date and comprehensive view of the major environmental issues facing the world today, and […]