Global Governance of Food Production and Consumption (P. Oosterveer)

Author Peter Oosterveer (Wageningen University , The Netherlands ) Keywords Food, global, global food governance, regulation, consumer demand, environment, animal welfare, social justice, civil society Abstract The provision of food is undergoing radical transformations throughout the global community. Peter Oosterveer argues that, as a consequence, conventional national governmental regulations can no longer adequately respond to […]

Problems with the protection of animal welfare in EU law (R. Ludwig & R. O’Gorman)

Author(s) Rasso Ludwig and Roderic O’Gorman Keywords Animal welfare; EC law Abstract Examines the EU regime for the protection of animal welfare standards, highlighting deficiencies. Discusses the provisions of the Protocol on Protection and Welfare of Animals annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam 1997 and the EC Treaty art.30, including their interpretation by the European […]

Traditional hunting: Cultural rights v animal welfare (D. Thiriet)

Author Dominique Thiriet Keywords Australia , Indigenous hunting practices, animal protection legislation Abstract This article examines how the cruelty inherent in some Indigenous hunting practices is inconsistently treated under Australian animal protection legislation. The author considers the discrimination issues raised by such inconsistencies and the legitimacy of State intervention to resolve the conflicts between cultural […]