Environmental change and out-migration: evidence from Nepal (D.S. Massey, et al)

Author(s) Douglas S. Massey, William G. Axinn and Dirgha J. Ghimire Keywords Environment, Population, Migration, Land cover, Agricultural productivity Abstract Scholars and activists have hypothesized a connection between environmental change and out-migration. In this paper, we test this hypothesis using data from Nepal. We operationalize environmental change in terms of declining land cover, rising times […]

Water and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (E. Weinthal, et al)

Editor(s) Erika Weinthal, Jessica Troell, and Mikiyasu Nakayama Keywords Water, Livelihoods, Economic Reconstruction and Recovery, Political Ecology, Water Resource Management, Agricultural Productivity, Flood Control, Peace Processes, Confidence Building, Transboundary Cooperation, Peace and Dialogue, Riparian Stakeholders, Water Security and Scarcity, Transnational Cooperation, Refugee Rehabilitation, Policy, Institutional Aspects, Water ServicesCommunity Water Resource Management, The Right to Water […]