Public interest litigation concerning environmental matters before human rights courts (C. Schall)

Author Christian Schall Keywords Environment; European Court of HumanRights; humanrights; locus standi (standing); access to justice; Aarhus Convention; public interest. Abstract This article endeavours to explain the current state of environmental public interest litigation before the three regional humanrights bodies of Europe, America and Africa in the light of their constituting treaties and case law. […]

Public Participation and Democracy in Practice—Aarhus Convention… (B. Toth)

Author Bende Toth Keywords Empowerment, private citizens, environmental decision-making, access to information, public fora, Aarhus Convention, UNECE, NGOs Abstract In recent years, a number of national and international legal developments have led to the implementation of procedures to ensure the empowerment of private citizens in environmental decision-making processes. In practice, this has meant increased access […]

Making Treaties Work: Human Rights, Environment and Arms Control – publication review (E. Denza)

Author Reviewed by Eileen Denza Publication edited by Geir Ulfstein, Thilo Marauhn and Andreas Zimmerman Thilo. Keywords International environmental law; international human rights; international arms control; procedure; Aarhus Convention; complexity. Abstract This is a publication review for the relevant title and begins: “This is a good news book for those who care about the development […]