Research Handbook on Human Rights and the Environment (A. Grear and L.J. Kotzé eds)

Editor Anna Grear and Louis J. Kotzé Keywords Human rights, environment, epistemology, Ecological Subjectivities, natural law, United Nations, Australasia, New Zealand, environmental justice, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Aarhus, climate displacement, North-South, ecosystem services Abstract Bringing together leading international scholars in the field, this authoritative Handbook combines critical and doctrinal scholarship to illuminate some of the challenging tensions […]

Public interest litigation concerning environmental matters before human rights courts…(C. Schall)

Author Christian Schall Keywords Environment; European Court of HumanRights; humanrights; locus standi (standing); access to justice; Aarhus Convention; public interest. Abstract This article endeavours to explain the current state of environmental public interest litigation before the three regional humanrights bodies of Europe, America and Africa in the light of their constituting treaties and case law. […]

Environment rights versus environmental wrongs: forum over substance? (M. Soveroski)

Author Marie Soveroski Keywords Right to a clean/healthy environment; Stockholm Declaration; Rio Declaration; sustainable development; indigenous rights; procedural rights (Aarhus Pillars). Abstract Beginning with the 1972 Stockholm Declaration, there have been a number of international proclamations of a human right to a clean environment, both implicit and explicit. The highpoint of this movement towards an […]

The Aarhus Convention and access to justice (D. A. Reid)

Author Donald A Reid Keywords Aarhus Convention; access to justice; environmental justice; participatory democracy; sustainable development; environmental and human rights; access to information; public participation. Abstract Based on a talk given at the UKELA conference in Edinburgh (30th October 2003) this paper highlights the content and meaning of the Aarhus Convention and its three pillars […]

The cost of doing the right thing (P. Stookes and P. Michaels)

Author Paul Stookes and Phil Michaels Keywords Access to justice; environmental justice; Environmental Justice Project; Aarhus Convention; cost barriers. Abstract This Article highlights the findings of the Environmental Justice Project and reveals that the courts do not fully appreciate the environmental matters and consequently the right to live in a healthy environment. The paper further […]