Environmental Justice and International Environmental Law (Gonzalez)

Author Carmen G Gonzalez Keywords Environmental justice, sustainable development, equity, ethics, colonialism, post-colonialism, special and differential treatment, common but differentiated responsibility, ecological debt, climate change, human rights, environmental human rights, Aarhus Convention, transnational corporations Abstract Environmental justice lies at the heart of many environmental disputes between the global North and the global South as well […]

Global Importance of Human Rights for Environmental Protection (M. Fitzmaurice)

Author(s) Malgosia Fitzmaurice Keywords human rights, environmental protection, European Union Law, European Convention on Human Rights and Political Freedoms, human rights law, procedural environmental rights, Aarhus Convention Abstract The essay analyzes the global importance of human rights for environmental protection. Having analyzed various regional human rights treaties, it is difficult to draw up a definite […]

Environmental Rights in the EC Legal Order (P. Eleftheriadis)

Author(s) Pavlos Eleftheriadis Keywords environmental rights, European Union, European Commission legal order, rights of environmental activists, Aarhus Convention, uniformity, access to justice Abstract This article attempts to offer a general framework for the protection of environmental rights in the European Union’s legal order. The article discusses the Aarhus Convention, which follows the international trend for […]

Making Treaties Work: Human Rights, Environment and Arms Control (G. Ulfstein et al)

Editors Publication edited by Geir Ulfstein, Thilo Marauhn and Andreas Zimmerman Thilo. Keywords International environmental law, international human rights, international arms control, procedure, Aarhus Convention, complexity Abstract There is an increasing focus on the need for national implementation of treaties. International law has traditionally left enforcement to the individual parties, but more and more treaties […]

Forests, climate change and human rights: managing risks and trade-offs (F. Seymour)

Author Frances Seymour Keywords Tropical deforestation, international agenda, human rights, climate change, forest governance, mitigation of forest-based emissions, procedural rights, Aarhus Convention, justice and equity, risks, trade-offs Abstract Following the decline over the years of interest relating to tropical deforestation, that was highlighted at the Rio Conference in 1992 (UNCEC), in recent years it has […]