Transnational Climate Litigation: The Contribution of the Global South (Jacqueline Peel, Jolene Lin)


Since the conclusion of the Paris Agreement, climate litigation has become a global phenomenon, casting courts as important players in multilevel climate governance. However, most climate litigation scholarship focuses on court actions in the Global North. This Article is the first to shine a light on the Global South’s contribution to transnational climate litigation. Analysis of this experience is essential if transnational climate jurisprudence is to contribute meaningfully to global climate governance, and to ensuring just outcomes for the most climate-vulnerable.


Peel, Jacqueline, and Jolene Lin. “Transnational Climate Litigation: The Contribution of the Global South.” American Journal of International Law 113, no. 4 (2019): 679–726. doi:10.1017/ajil.2019.48.


Jacqueline Peel and Jolene Lin

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