Climate Change Human Rights

Problems in Climate Change and Human Rights


The link between adverse impacts of climate change and human rights has been pushed to the fore recently by a 2005 petition by Sheila Watt-Cloutier on behalf of the Inuit people of the Artic regions to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Although the Commission ultimately rejected the Petition without prejudice on November 16, 2006, it did conduct a hearing in its 127th regular period of sessions to investigate the relationship between global warming and human rights. See generally Jessica Gordon, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Hold Hearing After Rejecting Inuit Climate Change Petition, 7 SUSTAINABLE DEV. L. & POL’Y 55 (2007). We begin this section be considering the Watt-Cloutier Petition.


Shelton, Dinah L., "Problems in Climate Change and Human Rights" (2011). GW Law Faculty Publications & Other Works. 1047.


Dinah L. Shelton

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