Climate Migrations, Human Dignity And Geopolitics (Ernani Contipelli)


The present article aims to contextualize the problem of the climate migration from the perspective of the geopolitics and the principle of human dignity. In the first part, we investigate the concept of environmental/climate migration in order to provide a better comprehension of the phenomenon from the recognition of its component elements and the establishment of mechanisms of protection of right and the promotion of public policies addressed to this vulnerable category of persons. After that we analyze the peculiarity of the climate geopolitics, especially, to verify the application of the principle of ordinary, but differentiated responsibilities as a orientation’s vector of the process of negotiation of the international cooperation addressed to fight against climate change and to assist its social impacts as the case of the climate migration.


CONTIPELLI, ERNANI. 2018. “CLIMATE MIGRATIONS, HUMAN DIGNITY AND GEOPOLITICS”. figshare. doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7371041.v2.


Ernani Contipelli

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