Reimagine the future


In an age characterised by a range of interlocking crises, we urgently need to re-imagine the future.

All over the world, people are waking to the corruption and injustice at the heart of the current world order. The search is on for alternative kinds of future.

A kaleidoscopic range of initiatives is emerging in which collective, community efforts point the way. These living practices of resource-sharing and relationship building are called ‘commoning’.

This page offers resources and links through which you can begin to explore this exciting way of living. Get involved. Be part of a new common sense.

You can view the ‘Re-imagine the Future’ film by clicking the  link immediately below:

Re-imagine the Future 

‘We need a new common sense that recognizes that each individual’s survival depends on his/her relationship with others, with the community, and with the environment’. (Ugo Mattei)

Resources on commons and commoning

More Film/Media

What is the Commons?
 (David Bollier)

Defining the Commons

Interview with Great Minds: David Bollier discusses the Commons on the Thom Hartmann show

The Commons Movement in Italy—with Ugo Mattei

Commoning the City: A Collection of Videos from a 2013 Conference on Urban Commoning

The Commons—with David Bollier

Commons in Action—Knowledge Commons

Commons in Action—Grupo de Estudios Ambientales’ Story

Michel Bauwen on Peer-to-Peer Economy and the P2P Foundation

Organisations/Groups—Get Involved! Explore these links for information, opportunities, ideas, contacts, tool kits and more

The Commons Strategies Group

The Global Commons Initiative

P2P Foundation

Commons Transition

Project for Public Spaces


The New Economy Project

New Economy Law Centre

Sustainable Economies Law Centre

Remix the Commons

Creative Commons

Commons Transition Wiki

Law for the Commons Wiki

International Association for the Study of the Commons


On the Commons

Stir to Action

Further Reading and Research

New to the Commons? An Introduction

Patterns of Commoning—David Bollier and Silke Helfrich (eds) 

State Power and Commoning: Transcending a Problematic Relationship—David Bollier

First Thoughts for a Phenomenology of the Commons—Ugo Mattei

The Commoner—A Web Journal for Other Values

Commons Magazine

Kosmos Journal: Commons Special Feature 

New Heterodox Research on the Commons (In the Review of Radical Political Economics)

International Journal of the Commons

Maps in the Spirit of the Commons